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Rule book update for 2017/18


Archisoccer have updated a number of rules for the 2017/2018 season to provide greater clarity around the registration pf players, playing with ring-ins and unsportmanlike behaviour.

Rule book update for 2017/18

The proposed rule changes are as follows:

12.1 Registration of Players

All players must register on the website prior to participating in a game and can only play for one team unless transferred to another team by notification to the league organisers. All players must register with a first name last name, valid email address and a profile photo

Teams found guilty of playing unregistered players will be penalised by suspension of the player in question and or a points deduction to the team as adjudicated by the Disciplinary Committee.

If you learn of a team playing with an unregistered player and you wish to make a complaint please report the matter to the ArchiSoccer Disciplinary Committee (ADC) at

Suggested addition of eliminating the introduction/registration of new players for finals


12.2 Unsportsmanlike behaviour

If a team is deemed to have played in an un-sportsman like manner or with disregard to the spirit of the rules and the game in general, a formal complaint may be lodged with the ArchiSoccer Disciplinary Committee (ADC). Individual players are bound by ArchiSoccer’s code of conduct and individual sanctions will be applied as per the guidelines in section 9.4 subject to an investigation of the incident/s

If a team receives 2 no. official complaints during the season, the ADC will investigate each allegation independently and hand down a non-disputable ruling.

Should the team be found guilty of bringing the league into disrepute through un-sportsman like behaviour they will be stripped of Six (6) league points immediately or equivalent punitive measures in a finals campaign that may result in team disqualification. The complaint ledger against this team will then be cleared.

Should the team be found not guilty of bringing the league into disrepute through un-sportsman like behaviour no further action will be taken.

All matters are subject to the discretion of ADC Processes.

12.3 Ring-ins

A ring-in is by definition is a player who does not work for the architecture company that the team play for. A ring-in can only be included when the team are unable to field the minimum 6 players plus 1 sub, or cannot field a female player. If that team has a regular ring-in player, they must overtly disclose it to the league by requesting the addition a “+” or similar to the team name.

If a team with a regular ring-in player fails to disclose the addition of a “+” (eg. EAT +) in their team name; this will result will result in the punitive loss of 3 league points and will continue to lose 1 point per week until corrective action is taken. In a finals scenario the team may be disqualified subject to the discretion of ADC Process.

All ring-ins must be registered on the website in accordance with rule 12.1, failure to do so will result in a 3 game suspension of the player in question. A second infringement of the same team will result in the punitive loss of 3 league points and or finals disqualification for the team.

The Ring-in rule is in place for the discretionary use of the captains to ensure that they can field a team each week. However, it must only be used within the intended spirit of the League. For example, introducing ring-ins when greater than a full team is available and or during the finals series to improve chances of a victory is an unacceptable use of the rule. AchiSoccer views such a breech as a significant undermining of the social spirit of the game, and brings the league into disrepute. Any team found guilty will be subject to investigation and potential disqualification from the competition.  

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