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A message from our major sponsor Bloomfield Tremayne

20/08/20 | Bruce Whetters

Bruce from Bloomfield reflects on the season that was and what all this means to ArchiSoccer

Well, what a great season we were all enjoying with the 19/20 Bloomfield Tremayne ArchiSoccer Cup. The team here at BT&P felt privileged as main sponsors to be a part of such a positive, energetic and inclusive event. We have been able to make many new friends through this association, and look forward to keeping in touch in the future, handing out chocolate and the occasional wood fired pizza when we can again.

No one could have foreseen the way the COVID crisis unfolded, which has impacted us all in many different ways. While a difficult decision was made to halt the season at Semi Final time, it was the right and only decision that could have been made. 

Here’s hoping we can get past Stage 4 restrictions as soon as possible, and going forward that there can be some way of getting a result, and if anyone can, Adrian and Darian will be sure to find an innovative solution! Perhaps keeping a 1.5m distance between players on ground in the future will reduce the incidence of bruised shins from some of those questionable tackles!

On a more serious note, in the past few months, these impacts from COVID -19 have been varied and far reaching, whether it was simply moving to a work from home situation, right through to many who have lost jobs or are on reduced income as a result of the downturn in work that Architecture and Interior Design firms have experienced. Others have been impacted by travel restrictions meaning they are now a long way from seeing their families interstate and overseas, and socially…. things just aren’t the same as they were. We all feel lucky however that we are in Australia compared to many other countries that have seen such sad outcomes in the health of their friends, families and overall populations. 

The downturn in work many offices are currently experiencing is also difficult as it is hard to predict when things will improve, and the harsh reality is that we have seen more talented people lose their jobs than there have been new positions created since the restrictions came into place in late March. At this time, we are hearing from some studios that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” and others who are saying that there is more “uncertainty to come”, and whilst we are working with studios who are actively recruiting right now, it remains an uncertain time for many.

If you or one of your friends is in the unfortunate situation where your employment status has been impacted, the team here at Bloomfield Tremayne is here to help. We may not be in a position to have available roles for everyone affected in the current market, but if we can assist in any way with folio preparation, interview tips, resume preparation, or anything else you feel we may be able to help with, we would be more than happy to assist. 

Right at the moment we do have a number of roles on that we are looking to fill, although often with very specific requirements, so please feel free to let us know if we can help in these difficult times for many.  

Please feel free to call us on 93491055 or email if you feel we can help in any way.
So at this stage, the ArchiSoccer season stays poised like a scene from Frozen, with 4 teams tantalisingly ready to progress when the time comes. Good luck to the Semi-finalists, with Fender Katsalidis (“great skills and tactics”) set to play NH Architecture (“total desire and instinct to win”) and Gray Puksand +(“beautiful game and skills all-round”) ready to take on Designinc. (“brick wall like defence and freakish goal scoring”).

Congratulations also to all of the other 40 teams that played with spirit, vigour and a sense of fun in this truly unique event that the Melbourne Architecture and Design scene enjoys.

We look forward to Adrian and Darian’s solution to getting a result for the season and hopefully seeing you all again when it is safe to do so.

Just a quick final word as well – our thanks to everyone for their generous contributions to the Bushfire appeal in January. We raised $1059.00 from the teams, to which our Melbourne and Sydney offices both matched, bringing our combined donation to $3177.00. This was donated 50/50 to WIRES and Australian Red Cross, so thanks again for your generosity.

To keep up with everything that is going on at Bloomfield Tremayne, please follow our Instagram at @bloomfieldtremayne or join us on Linked In, where we will be posting market updates and guides to getting a new job in the current market. All of our current roles are up on our website

Bruce Whetters, George Bloomfield, Stephanie Gleeson, Gemma Hillas, Munashe Chitima, Jamie Keay, Shiela de la Cruz, Jacqueline Liddicoat  and George The Greyhound!

The Team at Bloomfield Tremayne

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