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ArchiSoccer, so close to the end yet so far……


1 week ago, we gathered in Ross Straw field for the showdown of the top 8 teams for 2020, to determine who the Archisoccer semi-finalists would be. Who knew that 1 week later we would be here....

1 week ago, we gathered in Ross Straw field for the showdown of the top 8 teams for 2020, to determine who the Archisoccer semi-finalists would be. 

How much the world has changed in that week. No more Archisoccer, No gatherings, no meetings, no holidays, working from home, client meetings in your underpants (maybe that’s just me). These are strange times we are facing and we are only at the beginning. As we stare into the abyss of the great unknown all our social constructs are being torn down and we need to reinvent everything we do…

Good news first or Bad news first……… 
I’m more of bad news first sort of guy, get it out of the way and finish on a positive note.

The bad news is that due to the rampaging COVID-19 virus we have taken the tough decision to postpone all remaining games and events until further notice. The benefits of social distancing have become abundantly clear in recent days and we believe it is the morally and socially responsible course of action. You can read more about it in our COVID-19 update 

It has certainly been a hell of a week around the world and as we stare into the abyss of the great unknown, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the positives of this season. 

Firstly, We enjoyed 4 fantastic quarter finals last week:
Fender Katsalidis + 3 - 2   Grimshaw Architects
Fitzroy Falcons + 0 - 4   Gray Puksand +
Wood Marsh 0 - 3   Designinc +
WoodsBagot + 1 - 3   NH Architecture +

Grimshaw had a fantastic season and valiantly suffered their first defeat all year to a resolute Fender Katsalidis. The Fitzroy Falcons came up against the undeniable favourites for the championship, Gray Puksand, and were unable to match their clinical intensity. 
Wood Marsh had much to be proud of in their first season of ArchiSoccer but ultimately were unable to break down the experienced  DesignInc defence.
NH have really found a good run of form in the second half of the season and easily accounted for WoodBagot who were also undefeated this season so far.

We had lined up 2 mouth watering semi finals comprised of the top 4 team of Thursday Division 1. 
Fender Katsalidis V NH Architecture
Gray Puksand V DesignInc.

Unfortunately, the outcome will remain a mystery for several months until all this COVID-19 settles down.
As to how that unfolds will need to be looked at, but 1 option may be to do a Sunday tournament whereby there are multiple games in one day, details TBC. All four teams have been playing great football and with several months on the sidelines will they be able to replicate that, who knows. 

Next year we will see a new format of ArchiSoccer, whereby we a minimum of 2 from either sex on the ground at all times. We are looking forward to making our league a more inclusive environment but there is much to celebrate about how far we have come already This year, 4 of the 6 best and fairest winners for each of the divisions were female. We are already seeing increased rates of participation and we are proud of the changes already happening. 

We want to thank each and every one of you who has participated in some way shape or form this year. a massive thank you to all our captains without which none of this would be possible and lastly but not leastly to our sponsors. Their efforts went above and beyond this year and we are extremely grateful for their continued support. 

We will send further communication in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, stay safe in these dark and crazy times. Stay active and be sure to also look after your mental health too. Be sure to continue to reach out to each other and stay connected, because together we are stronger. 

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