ArchiSoccer Cup

Name:  Edgar Lopez

Team: Fender Katsalidis – Champions 2007/08, 
Runners Up 2008/09, 2010/11

Position: Attacking Defender

Years playing ArchiSoccer: 2007 - Present

Goals: 193 

Best On Ground: 60 Times

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Bio: Having played in this league for over 10 years, Edgar is no stranger to this competition and the teams involved.
Growing up in Colombia, he was engulfed in football and we can see from his undying love of this sport that ‘football is life’  
Edgar is a fierce competitor and whether it is in defence or attack, he is always reliable and a player everyone would love
to have on their team. When Edgar has the ball on the field, the adrenaline shoots through him, manoeuvring back and forth
past opponents, trying to make his way to the net - which usually ends up with a spectacular goal. There’s nothing stopping
this Colombian and the pressure and challenges of the opposing team fuels him to be a better player. He is a motivated team
captain and his passion for the game drives him and his team to always put up a good match.   Well done on being an inductee
to the Archisoccer Hall of Fame and we look forward to seeing him score his 200th goal very soon!

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