ArchiSoccer Cup

Name:  Elena Pereya

Team: Peddle Thorp – Champions 2008/09. 
MAP Architecture Champions 2016/17, 2018/19

Position: Midfielder

Years playing ArchiSoccer: 2007 - Present

Goals: 8

Best On Ground: 9 Times

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Bio: Elena has been playing in the ArchiSoccer competition since 2007. In the early days she dominated the league for Peddle Thorp Architects
and was instrumental in them to winning the cup in 2009. At the same time, she was playing division 1 soccer in the women’s state league.  
 Off the field Elena comes across as being quiet and reserved, but she blossoms when she crosses that white line. She is the kind of player
who is not shy about coming forward and you know she is playing when you hear her assertive “suggestions” pushing the team to do better.
Elena is not one for winging players and she’ll let you know in her own colourful way that “less complaint and more action” is what is needed
…But most importantly she has a compelling passion for playing soccer and she is a great team player.

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