ArchiSoccer Cup

Name: Teddy Chung  

Team: Clarke Hopkins Clarke  

Position: Striker  

Years playing ArchiSoccer: 2007 - Present  

Goals: 115

Best On Ground: 14 Times  

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Bio: When Teddy is on the ball, it doesn’t look like he is going to pass, create a play nor beat the defender and 9 out 10
times when he gets a clear shot at goal, it scoops over the bar. But…do not be fooled defenders. It’s that 1 out of 10 Teddy
shots or the split second when your defence snoozed a little is when Teddy will sneak the ball into your net, and it’s normal
if you find yourself confused on what just happened. Whilst CHC ArchiSoccer statistics records 50% of the 112 goals were
Teddy’s trademark tap-ins, the other 50% can only be classified as misc. as even CHC team mates often cannot recall how
Teddy scored the goals with multiple accounts of ‘it defies physics’ comments. 10 seasons on, Teddy’s goal scoring mastery
still proves crucial as ever, with his double in the last league game this season helped CHC make it to the playoffs. CHC’s
leading goal scorer in 2018/19 season, doesn’t look like the goals are stopping as yet. Only time will tell when Teddy
‘fox in the box’ Chung will hit the 200 goal mark.

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